About Dom 1890

Our house (dom) is located in western part of Slovakia, in a village Závod and as the name suggest, it was built in 1890. We, as a family, bought the house in 2017 and ever since it has become our passionate project.

The condition of the house was very poor, which was caused by its abandonment. However our motivation to bring it back to life was very strong. During the year of 2018 we have started first recovery works to save mainly its structure, we also had to remove all the dirt and dust that accumulated over the years. During 2020 we have finished almost all essential reconstructions of the front part. Now, at the end of year 2020, we can enjoy some of its genius loci.

Each member of our family brought individual direction during this reconstruction, but what we all have in common is a strong relation to traditions and old times. All this motivation to keep the traditions alive comes from our ancestors and strong family heritage.

Our aim is to create cultural meeting point in our village and eventually in our region. This will take some time but we are getting closer and the ideas much clearer.

In case of any interest or support please contact us on info@dom1890.sk
00421 905 872 452
(we speak english und wir sprechen deutsch)